On the initial stage of auction – on the status “submission of bids commenced”, the bidders shall submit the bids relevant to the requirements of the seller organization through Etenders.ge.

Submission of bids will finish at a time indicated by the seller organization and electronic trading will start upon finishing the submission period. During the electronic trade the prices of the competitors are exposed to the bidders. The identity of the bidders is exposed only to the seller organizations after the end of the trading.

The initial duration of the trading process is 15 minutes. It should be noted that in case of increase of a price during the last two minutes of the auction the period of an auction will return to 2 minutes provided that the price increased by you will be more than the price indicated by any of the bidders. (For instance, the duration of the auction will be prolonged and the countdown returned to 2 minutes provided that the bidder A increases its price from 95 GEL to 100 GEL while the price submitted by the bidder B is 98 GEL).